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Techno Marketing Group

Servicing Future Mobility,
Serving Tomorrow's Customer.

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who we are and what we do

Product development, marketing and trade

Our organization has thrived over the course of the past three decades, solidifying its position as a globally renowned authority in the domain of (mobile) wheel service, battery service, onboard power, and ergonomically-designed handling products.

Whether your needs encompass marketing, distribution, manufacturing, customer service, sales or product development… let us engage in a fruitful dialogue, for these are the fields that ignite our passions, and we eagerly want to engage in them on your behalf.

  • An impressive array of patents.

  • At the ready to transform your ideas into reality.

  • Marketing resources tailor-made to your specific needs.

  • Unwavering support to bolster your sales and aftersales endeavors.

Years active in the Automotive Industry
Winntec lifting devices operating daily

Brands we own


Brands we trade

Serving Tomorrow's Customer

Our Vision

We firmly believe that the landscape of car maintenance, car ownership, and the general distribution of parts and equipment will undergo dramatic changes in the forthcoming years and are seizing this opportunity with unrestrained excitement and preparedness.

Our main areas of focus remain mobile battery and wheel service solutions, as we anticipate their pivotal role in the coming years. Our latest innovation, ecube integrates the capabilities of conventional mobile tire service vehicles into a singular solution, enhances ergonomics, simplifies the mechanic’s tasks and eliminates fumes and noise pollution. Not only setting a benchmark in sustainable automotive maintenance, but also catering to the specific needs of the next generation of customers who expect unparalleled customer service, when and where it’s convenient for them.

SEF Corp.

“Not only do they provide me with mobility on the road,
the customer service and aftersales are also most personal.”

SEF Corp.

Mobile Tire Service
EU Business News

Best Automotive Branding & Marketing Specialist 2022

EU Business News

Awards Executive – EU Business News
SIP Industrial Products

“Techno Marketing Group is a great supplier of quality lifting equipment.  We’ve found the products to be very reliable and of good quality, with nice aesthetics and the TMG team are a great bunch of people to deal with.”

SIP Industrial Products

Mobile Tire Service
Nitta Tyre Co., Ltd.

“The first three things that come to mind are stunning design, environmentally friendliness, and best customer service.”

Nitta Tyre Co., Ltd.

Wholesale and Retail Tires & Wheels
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How can we help grow your business?
If it is marketing, branding, sales, distribution, customer service, manufacturing solutions, or product development…

Let’s talk! Because that’s the stuff we like, and we’d love to do it for you!
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Rechtzaad 6
4703 RC Roosendaal
The Netherlands

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